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Podcast - Why we should create artificial offspring RoboPsych

IEEt Affiliate Scholar John Danaher recently had the pleasure of being a guest on the RoboPsych podcast. He was interviewed by hosts Tom Guarriello and Julie Carpenter about my recent paper ‘Why we should create artificial offspring’.  The paper is an extended thought experiment, arguing that creating artificial offspring might be good for humanity.  The podcast explored many of the key ideas in the paper and some other issues too. You can listen below or follow this link to the RoboPsych website. While there, you shoul...

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AI in Society - Ethics, Safety, Industry & Governance Artificial Intelligence / Human Possibilities

Panelists: Ben Goertzel, Marcus Hutter, Joscha Bach, Peter Cheeseman This panel was held at the ‘Artificial Intelligence / Human Possibilities’ event as adjunct to the AGI17 conference in Melbourne 2017.

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The Ethics of Moral Enhancement Smart Drugs Smart

Jesse has a freewheeling discussion with John Danaher about “moral enhancement” technologies – old and new.  They talk about emerging technologies, ethics and the notion that the mind extends much beyond our body and brain.

Listen Here

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Raising good robots Meaning of Life TV

James Hughes (Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, UMass Boston) and Regina Rini (, NYU Center for Bioethics)

Technopolitics > Futurism > Technoprogressivism > Staff > J. Hughes
James Hughes and the Transhumanist Zeitgeist Singularity Bros

Our very first guest—and one of our favorites—James Hughes returns to keep it 100. James Hughes, Executive Director of the IEET, and the first guest we ever had, is back. He’s the best. Prepare for a transhumanist delight.

Listen Here

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Who’s a Technoprogressive? The World Transformed

Technopolitics > Technoprogressivism > Staff > J. Hughes
The Virtues Control Panel with James Hughes The World Transformed

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AI & the Faustian Bargain with Technological Change - A. C. Grayling Adam Ford

AC Grayling weighs in on progress in Artificial Intelligence - this is the first time he has publicly discussed the issues he does in this interview. “I think the thing that is going to change everything is machine learning; is artificial intelligence and robotics…this is an enormous dogs leg in human history in a way that the intelligence systems can teach themselves, can become even smarter than they are already.”

Technopolitics > Philosophy > Affiliate Scholar > Adam A. Ford
Peter Singer - Ethics, Uncertainty & Moral Progress Adam Ford

Peter Singer moral progress & ethics involved in dealing with uncertainty, including Derek Parfit’s view on the value of future life (as yet unrealised). He also discusses Trump and alt-facts at the end.

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Bryson on Why Robots Should Be Slaves Algocracy and Transhumanism Podcast

In this episode, IEET Affiliate Scholar John Danaher interviews Joanna Bryson. Joanna is Reader in Computer Science at the University of Bath. Joanna’s primary research interest lies in using AI to understand natural intelligence, but she is also interested in the ethics of AI and robotics, the social uses of robots, and the political and legal implications of advances in robotics. In the latter field, she is probably best known for her article, published in 2010 entitled ‘Robots Should be Slaves’. They talk about the ideas and argumen...