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We just posted an entirely actionable episode of Team Human, with the founder of the Net Party, Pia Mancini. It begins with a monologue by me about the way shame over everything from gender and sex to money inhibits our ability to forge solidarity – by design. That segues to a great discussion with Pia Mancini, who has built a new platform allowing cooperatives to collaborate and fund by leveraging the power of transparency. Again, breaking the self-destructive boundaries of shameful secrecy, we tap into the power of humans truly working t...

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Future Express | The Replication Crisis and Challenges to Progress Future Express

In this episode, we have a free-ranging conversation that begins by discussing the modern replication crisis in psychology and other fields. We examine how this development might affect our views on the pace of progress generally. Amidst our many tangents, we consider the possibility of getting tech companies to share their proprietary data for the sake of science research and wonder if becoming an increasingly globalized society imposes coordination costs.

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You Matter! Your Choices Make A Difference Singularity 1 on 1

IEET Fellow Jamais Cascio spoke to Singularity 1 on 1 on a wide variety of topics such as: his personal story of becoming “an easily distracted generalist;” his undergraduate and graduate training in history, anthropology and political science; his views on the singularity community in general and the technological singularity and Singularity University in particular; his criticism that creators of new technology rarely consider the ethical and political implications of their inventions; what he means by saying “if I can...

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Politics and Futurism Delta Wisdom

IEET Board member David Wood talked to the Manchester Futurists about politics and futurism in the age of Trump and Brexit. Listen Here

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What is the PostHuman? LogotelSpA

An interview IEET Scholar Stefan Sorgner did as part of an exhibit for the annual Milan Design Week—which is this week, in Italy.

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The PostHuman LogotelSpA

An interview IEET Scholar Kevin LaGranduer did as part of an exhibit for the annual Milan Design Week—which is this week, in Italy.

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Sexbots: From Objectification to Therapeutic Surrogates Stuff To Blow Your Mind

Sex between humans and machines is nothing new in the world of science fiction. Their forms range from angelic mechanoids to victimized humanoids, but the robotic lover is almost always an expression of purely human anxieties. Yet as real-world technology advances, we’re left to ponder the emerging form of the sex bot—and the possibilities range from mere animate fetishes to therapeutic surrogates. In this episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind, Robert and Christian consider arguments for and against the embrace of synthetic paramours....

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Jeffrey Sachs on Robotics, AI, and the Macro-Economy MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy

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Ethics and Emerging Technologies Seeking Delphi

When thinking about the future of technology, many envision one extreme or the other.  Apocalyptic collapse, or Utopian delight.  There is a broad in between, however, filled with ethical as well as existential conundrums.  In this episode of Seeking Delphi, I talk with James J. Hughes, director of The Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies about a wide range of issues.  These include not just the ethics of if, how, and when to proceed with certain technologies, but the ethics of public policy in dealing with the ...

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The Intelligence Explosion The Guardian

How to stop a robot turning evil. Guardian Original Drama returns with a third instalment, a superintelligence sci-fi. It’s 2027 and Mental Endeavours Ltd has a problem with their flagship robot Günther. How do you program an intelligent machine not to annihilate humanity? And if its intelligence is skyrocketing faster than anyone could have predicted, are they about to run out of time?