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2057: Human Civilization
Michio Kaku   Feb 10, 2012   You're at  

Dr. Michio Kaku talks about different types of human civilizations

Am I the only one that worries about wild speculations being presented as facts?
We should not be seeking to _emulate_ conservative pundits.
He's one hell of a good story-teller though.
@ Peter Wicks could you clarify on that?
OK the classification of type I, type II and type III civilisations is interesting conceptually (although there must be far more interesting ones) but for example he makes a huge leap between (i) political integration and consensus-building at global ("planetary") level and (ii) being able to control earthquakes and such. He cites progress the former as evidence that we are on the verge of moving towards a type I civilisation featuring both. The distinction between good guys and bad guys ("terrorists") is horribly simplistic.

I could go on, although I'd probably need to listen to it again.
I actually agree with you on many of those points. Kaku does over simplify a lot of things in this video, including terrorists. A hindrance to a type one civilization that he completely ignores is the complex of different nations. China is a very big example of this. They always seem to crack down on human rights and people within their country that stands up for them (which many in the Western world find horrible unethical). I've also read several comments on topics such as these and two things that seem most prevalent in them are the ideas that (i) their are too many egos and differing ideals involved in the world's governments to form a global civilization and (ii) humanity has always seem to be teetering on the fine line between morons and geniuses.
I've been thinking about this as well. To be fair to Kaku, he does emphasise that the transition from Type 0 to Type 1 is a dangerous time, and he's certainly right about this.

The point about egos and ideals is crucial, and the insight I've had recently is that part of the problem is that, since we started living in cities, and especially now with the explosion of communications technology, our language instinct is massively over-stimulated. I'd be interested to know what others think about this, I'm thinking of maybe writing an article about it.
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