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Reports from Global Catastrophic Risks conference in Mountain View CA
Nov 16, 2008  

The IEET, Center for Responsible Nanotechnology and the Lifeboat Foundation hosted a very successful meeting on Global Catastrophic Risks (GCR) on Friday, November 14 here in Mountain View, before the still ongoing future-palooza Convergence 08.

The GCR seminar’s theme was Building a Resilient Civilization, and this was just the beginning of exploring and promoting this theme. The presentations were all videotaped and will be available eventually in video format online, along with their slides, thanks to our videographer Jeriaska. Jeriaska already has his Flickr photo set up here.

Jamais Cascio

J. Hughes

But we also had a realtime blogger, John Carter McKnight, who has put up notes on each of the presentations on his blog at Avatar/Anima, and then Twittered the notes links to the twitter-sphere, as was George Dvorsky.

Anders Sandberg PhD, Oxford University
“Global Catastrophic Risks: An Overview, and Caution about Risk Assessments”

Jamais Cascio, IEET Fellow, and research affiliate, Institute for the Future
“Building Civilizational Resilience”

Eliezer Yudkowsky, Research Associate. Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence
“Cognitive Biases in the Assessment of Risk”

Martin Hellman PhD, Professor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University
“Risk Analysis of Nuclear Deterrence”

Bruce Damer, CEO, DigitalSpace & Director, Contact Consortium
“Asteroids and Comets: Mitigating Impact Risks and Stepping Stones to a Sustainable Space Program”

Mike Treder, Executive Director, Center for Responsible Nanotechnology
“Nanotechnology’s Global Risk and Promises of Resilience”

Tad Hogg PhD, Social Computing Laboratory, Hewlett Packard
“Distributed Surveillance with MEMS or Nano-scale Sensors”

Alan Goldstein PhD, CEO of Industrial Nanobiotechnology
“The A-Prize: Tracking The Global Race To Break The Carbon Barrier”

J. Storrs Hall PhD, author Beyond AI
“The Weather Machine: Nano-enabled Climate Control for the Earth”

George Dvorsky, Director, IEET
“Risks Posed by Political Extremism”

James J. Hughes PhD, Exec. Director, Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies
“Strengthening Transnational Governance to Mitigate Risks”

Jamais Cascio, IEET Fellow, and research affiliate, Institute for the Future
“Strategies for Civilizational Resilience in the Face of Global Catastrophic Risks”

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