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IEET Site Banned in China
Aug 31, 2009  

It has come to our attention that the censors running the “Great Firewall” on China’s access to the internet have blocked access to, and

While this puts us in excellent company, we are concerned that it limits our ability to share technoprogressive ideas with a quarter of the world’s population.

If you have any ideas about how to get the block lifted please note them in comments.

If you want to test your website, you can do so here.


Just tested my site, .... banned as well.

If you want to have the ban lifted, I suggest every article look like this from now on:

LOLZ tested my site via and Im not banned in china…

Cmon guys! Don’t you have any techies working for you? It is not that big a deal to get around your problem… really!

Not to rub it in, but Thoughtware.TV was blocked for a while and out of the blue we were unblocked. Thanks to this, Hugo de Garis has been able to campaign for us over there ^_^

I really hope the IEET gets unblocked soon! Your work is very progressive, and most definitely important!

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