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Genetically Enhance Humanity or Face Extinction
Julian Savulescu   Nov 16, 2009   SlowTV  

In his talk at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas, philosopher and bioethicist Julian Savulescu,  Uehiro Professor of Practical Ethics at the University of Oxford., examines the nature of human beings as products of evolution, in particular their limited altruism, limited co-operative instincts and limited ability to take account of the future consequences of actions. He argues that humans’ biology and psychology are unfit for the kind of society we live in and we must either alter our political institutions, severely restrain our technology or change our nature. Or face annihilation by our own design. Festival of Dangerous Ideas, Sydney Opera House, October 2009

Genetically enhance humanity or face extinction - PART 1 from Ethics of the New Biosciences on Vimeo.


Genetically enhance humanity or face extinction - PART 2 from Ethics of the New Biosciences on Vimeo.

Thankyou IEET..

Tremendous and informative debate!

These vids are full to the brim, (almost), with ideas concerning the needs for humanity to evolve and keep up with our technological advancements. The only thing lacking here is the acknowledgement that we already have many philosophical tools and instruction, and many great historical figures and influences that can help us all to evolve beyond our current social limitations.

The can of worms does not get bigger than thisand the lid is off!

Could you please, please pin these vids on your site some place where they will not get lost or forgotten.

Excellent stuff!
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