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Manufacturing Depression

Dr. J. chats with Gary Greenberg, author of Manufacturing Depression: The Secret History of a Modern Disease.. MP3

Excellent interview once again And Gary Greenberg is so listenable, (wonder how much he charges per session?) It's good to hear the viewpoint of an analyst who is not anti-drug, and yet believes that therapy without drugs is highly relevant and effective and important.

Huxley's book "Island", (rather than the drug associations in "Brave new world"), points to the therapies concerned with the cultural education of a society guided towards Self understanding, using Buddhist philosophy and with the use of psychedelics, soma, moksha-medicine, whatever, which I don't necessarily agree with whole-heartedly, (the drug part), yet still keep an open mind concerning such possibilities.

Some great points here regarding DSM's and the philosophies of dimensional vs categorical diagnoses of neuroses, (If I understood this part correctly), it would have been good to explore this a little more deeply. It should be clear that we are all perhaps susceptible to neuroses, OCD, depression and melancholy throughout our complex lives, and I do not believe we should be so quick to pigeon-hole mania's using categorical tools, nor should we blindly accept being labelled with such.

We could all learn a great deal from Buddha and Woody Allen.

@ Mike

Quote : "That raises really important questions about the prospect of uploading"

Tsk Mike, like the way you neatly tied that in here. ""Uploading" will happen, just as certainly as understanding that humanity will fade away and expire if we do not pursue our goals and ideals. Whether "Uploading" happens sooner or later is merely a matter of drive and tenacity, faith and belief.. you gotta be positive maan, imagine a vast "Jupiter brain" with the combined neuroses of a galaxy.. now wouldn't that be fun? Talk about paranoid androids!

We have a long way to go yet.

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