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The Insidious Evil of ‘The Law of Attraction’
Cathi Woodward   Mar 4, 2011   Ethical Technology  

Wikipedia: “The Law of Attraction is a metaphysical New Thought belief that -like attracts like’, that positive and negative thinking bring about positive and negative physical results, respectively.”

Now that I have your attention with that title, the Law really isn’t evil at all if recognized and used as only one of the tools in the toolbox. It would be evil, defined as ignorance and fear, if it was the only weapon in the arsenal.

LawThe Law of Attraction basically says that you attract what you think about, thus you should think only about what you want, not what you don’t want.

Being human, that is pretty much impossible for me. Not to mention implying guilt or -less-than’ type feelings if I’m not able to keep up the farce of a smile on my face at all times, reflecting the happy thoughts inside.

It is difficult to smile when confronted with pain and death on a daily basis. These are realities that many try to escape from on that river in Egypt, denial. Or, they may be reminders of painful events in our past that we do not understand or have not dealt with adequately. Many have turned away from the example set by men using religion as a means of control.

The Law of Attraction is particularly and insidiously evil when fed to a spiritually starved populace that has been acclimated to a diet of hypocrisy, fear, and greed by example and has been conditioned to expect instant gratification for money. An extremely poor diet indeed if it is used as the only source of spiritual sustenance.

While our feelings may be completely uncontrollable and actually define and guide us, the basic principle—that our actions or reactions are completely under our control—is true.

In the recent tele-coupling of events in the Middle East and Wisconsin, people recognize the similar underlying concept of protesting the domination of the underprivileged many by the overprivileged few, and this has underscored just how quickly and closely we can connect and share.

I believe that the light of transparency, enabled and powered by exponentially evolving technology, will allow us to share the spiritual concepts of love and compassion, bringing us back to age-old concepts of courage, integrity, and compassion that instant gratification has suppressed.

Courage begins inside when formative events are faced directly and honestly to understand the lessons contained within each. Integrity includes realizing our truth and aligning our actions with principles of fairness and justice. Compassion is sharing the full range from laughter and joy to pain and fear, for without either, and someone to share with, compassion is rendered meaningless.

In our ongoing evolution, we will learn from the darkness of the past and look to the brilliance of the future with hope and faith. But how exciting to see and be a part of the light spreading into dark corners and crevasses around the world, right now.

Cathi Woodward is a Data Solutions Architect with many years experience doing data analysis and database design at the enterprise level. She is also a mom and a full-time student in the University of Life. 


You do no understand the law of attraction. But thankyou for being another obstacle for me and the millions of other people who do understand, to ignore. Four words- YouTube. Abraham Hicks. Oh and by the way evil doesn’t exist. Like beauty, it is in the eye of the beholder. There is only love. And death? Lol. You have so much to learn. Goodluck.

“An extremely poor diet indeed if it is used as the only source of spiritual sustenance.”

I don’t know what you mean by “spiritual.”

You may want to check out AJ and Mary from Divine Truth Seminars if you really want to know how to use the law of attractions to help yourself. 

Your definition may be popular with some, but is not at the core of
the concept at all.

Life was simple when clowns wore big red noses.  Now they turn up everywhere and they are seldom funny. Hmmm,,, Maybe I can attract better clowns, so I won’t have to read this kind of thing.

I think it’s good to attempt to maintain a reasonably positive disposition.  As a pattern recognizing machine, the human brain is more adept at finding opportunities for “good” if maintaining a positive attitude and believing in some higher power (whether it does or does not exist).  Belief helps lead to success for recovering alcoholics.  Sometimes just believing that people can make a difference and having hope can empower people to find opportunities for betterment and give them the courage to take action.

But I agree with you.  One cannot find real substantive change, change for the better, without action.  Just holding your breathe, wishing, & praying will not bring about the changes people desire.

And, I think that always smiling and going with the flow is a terrible idea.  It can lead to following along with very poor ideologies, group think behavior, and unsuccessful strategies (such as: the bystander effect, selling mortgage backed securities, following orders of the Nazi party).  Sometimes one has to make some noise and say, “Stop the madness.”

I think the Law of Attraction plays upon the idea that things are “supposed to be” a certain way.  “It’s my destiny to do great things.”  But the truth is that there is no “supposed to be”.  But that’s not all bad.  There is nothing that commands that all things will be bad for you either.

That’s all for now.

Dude, like, I totally wanna meet you, Todd, and St. Louis ain’t that far away grin Thanks.
I think you make some valid points. Here’s a blog by one of my favorite singers who makes a similar point in her anti-Gywneth #2.
I also remember the guilt so many gay men felt in the 80s who espoused Louise Haye’s Course in Miracles and still died of AIDS.
It’s not as easy as just positively thinking. Action and reflection and courage are required. A useful tool, as you say, just not the only tool.

Nori, considering that I hold you in the highest esteem as both a heroine and a friend, it is high praise indeed and I appreciate your taking the time to read and comment. Thanks smile

I think it may be helpful to consider some of the ways in which the Law of Attraction *is* true. As far as changing behaviour (ours or others’) is concerned, I definitely buy the idea that it’s better to focus on what we want to encourage than on what we want to discourage. Also, emotions tend to be contagious, so (with some important caveats) like does tend to attract like in that sense.

But you’re right: taken as a whole it’s a fallacious and (therefore) dangerous creed. Apart from anything else, we are here because our ancestors evolved what Russ Harris in The Happiness Trap calls “don’t get killed” brains. And while our stone-age brains don’t always do a good job at handling risks and opportunities in the modern world (which is partly why ideas like the law of attraction can he helpful), we do need to manage our risks if we are reliably to accomplish our dreams.

Cathi, you can friend me on Facebook by searching ToddJansensMonkey.  Here’s a hint.  My name isn’t really Todd.

I like what you have said with respect to spirituality starved populace…where “gratitude” is mixed up with hedonist gratification…  Compassion is a huge word.  While the Law of Attraction has a tendency to focus on “self”, compassion focuses outwardly.  It includes the bigger picture. 
compassion + gratitude = enlightenment

The law of attraction proves that you really can get rich feeding people what they want to hear.  Does that count as positive thinking?

One of the problems here is the moment the intelligence is given people begin to reinterpret it in the context they live within. They unconsciously rehang the same limitations to the meaning. For those who do lucid dreaming, you know you can change anything. People forget that they are dreaming. The so called ‘real world’ is not real at all. When you sleep and dream socially people have labeled it fantasy (another dream). That is not fact, but a ‘guess’ people have accepted. There are inferences littered everywhere in the Abraham books & videos. You only have to think about the implications, and travel one step into the full meaning. Who are you?

Seeing as how the context we live within is the context of needing to pay the rent and buy groceries, without which we are unable to do any lucid dreaming (whatever that is), can you blame us for responding out of the only context that we have? Can you blame the prey for learning how to run?

“Lucid Dreaming” is also called “Astral Projection”. With some variations, the part of your mind that dreams becomes aware that it is dreaming and wakes up within the dream. You are still dreaming, but now aware that you are dreaming. You can take control of the dream easily and literally do anything. Also with a little practice you can move into the waking world and observe your body sleeping.
Some people can do this while awake in a mild trance state. They can see distant events and give information that is verifiable through any level of security. There were military projects of this kind in use and some authors have written about it. I think his name was Moneagle.  As far as paying bills, you can research possible futures where cash windfalls will come to you or jobs and circumstances of more money. Once you have the particular worry about money solved, you can take every circumstance of negativity and research alternatives to make your life totally positive. Which, in turn, would make your ability to acquire things much easier. At that point negativity becomes an friend because it keeps you on track with positive outcomes.

Why does everybody complicate things so much - it is not that complicated. Just Ask - believe - and allow-  because you deserve what you want - but make sure you get out of the way, don’t set the time for it to happen and don’t take score. That is what the Law of Attraction is all about.

I guess the biggest problem with the ‘Law’ is that it is so self centered, elementary if you will, when there is so much more to learn. Like how much we need each other and how to relate ethically or with integrity.

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