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Beyond the Soul

On Sunday December 11, 2011 the Turing Church Online Workshop 2.0, explored transhumanist spirituality and “Religion 2.0″, the convergence of science and religion, highly imaginative future science and technologies for resurrection, emerging science and technologies for immortality, social and memetic engineering. The event was organized by Giulio Prisco, a member of the IEET Board of Directors. About thirty people dropped in to the virtual space to listen to the talks and participate in the discussion.  IEET Fellow Ben Goertzel’s pre-recorded talk is available here.  IEET Trustee Martine Rothblatt’s talk about Terasem’s ideas is available here.

IEET Executive Director James Hughes’ talk reprised the ideas presented in his recent essay “Contradictions of the Enlightenment: Liberal Individualism versus the Erosion of Personal Identity,” arguing for the necessity of embracing a Buddhist acknowledgment that the self is a narrative fiction without any real continuous, discrete referent.  The slides used for the talk can be downloaded here.  The talk was given in the first 23 minutes of this video:


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