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IEET Readers Show Strong Support for Morality Separated from Religion
Dec 20, 2011  

By a margin of nearly three to one, IEET readers responding to a recently concluded poll said morality can and should be separate from religion.

Almost half of those who answered the poll agreed with the statement that gods and religion were created by humans and that morals can be taught without religious overtones. About 22% were more forceful about it, calling religion actively immoral. Only about 13% see value in gods, religion, and/or spirituality as a basis for morality.

Poll Results

See the “Other” answers here.


Now this is a shocker! /end sarcasm

The challenge at IEET is not equating religion with morality which is dubious at best, but rather acknowledging that there is any morality in religion at all.

I would agree that ethics needs to be separate from whatever belief system you espouse whether it is Christianity or free market economics. I am looking forward to a lot more discussion on this distinction.

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