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‪The Great Scam of Human Labor‬

Describes the Lies and Future of our present economic system, which will replace human labor with machines. From the Lecture “The Zeitgeist Movement orientation activist guide video”

I suggest this be sent to every elected politician in all the democracies (hell, even the governments in China and Russia might be interested). However, I'm not suggesting that we do it as individuals. As a practical measure, why doesn't IEET link up with the Venus project,Martin Ford, the Occupy movement, Singularity Hub and others? Then we all together give a collective Internet shout to the politicos, the United Nations and perhaps even the multinationals that the time to plan for this is now and not 10, 20, or even maybe five years in the future when the flood of unemployment is upon us - worldwide. I'm a pretty busy person but I could give half an hour every day to help on the Internet with such a campaign and I'm by no means Mr Action Man. With a bit of effort from all the regulars here maybe (success not guaranteed of course) just maybe, we could change the world or at least push organizations that have the power to do something to actually start taking action. I have a 17-year old daughter and she is finishing school this year and I don't have to tell you that I am concerned for her future.
Not merely politicians..

this should be shown in every school classroom!

we can all take responsibility to disseminate this message
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