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IEET Considering New Priorities
Mar 16, 2006  

Over the course of the summer of 2006 the IEET will be considering a new set of priorities and foci, to replace the current six programmatic emphases that we adopted from the WTA. There are many interesting policy areas that fit within a broader technoprogressive agenda, that are only peripherally related to the human enhancement agenda, such as energy policy, education, social welfare and employment policy, and international security, which could be addressed in more focused ways. There are also topics and constituencies which could more effectively help us make the case for human enhancement.

If you have thoughts about the programatic agenda that the IEET should move toward, pleaase let me know:

In that context I was intrigued by this Future Brief survey, fielded by Zogby, which had 13,400 American respondents between January 27-30, 2006.

Future Brief asked: QUESTION: Which of the following would you most like to see accomplished through the development of emerging technologies?

- An end to fossil fuels: 45.6%
- An end to disease: 20.5%
- An end to world hunger: 18.2%
- Extended life-span: 5.4%
- Exploration of the universe: 4.7%
- None/Not sure: 5.6%

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