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IEET Top Essays in October
Nov 1, 2012  

What did IEET readers peruse most fervently in October? 3D Printing articles by L. S. McGill took the top two slots, followed by anything and everything, from apocalyptic forecasts to Buddhist cognitive enhancement. Here’s the cream of the crop below:

Oct 7 “The Radicalness Of 3D Printing” by   L.S. McGill     (9954) Hits
Oct 10 “Future of Work: Custom Printed Bodies and the End of the 9-to-5 Job” by   L.S. McGill     (7880) Hits
Oct 12 “Why Isn’t Being a Soldier More Like Being a Mother?” by   P. Tittle     (5494) Hits
Oct 11 “Google Wants to Fund Radical Life Extension Startups” by   Maria Konovalenko     (5375) Hits
Oct 1 “Polygamous Future? - Now that Gay Marriage is Inevitable, will Plural Unions next be Legalized?” by   Hank Pellissier     (3489) Hits
Oct 4 “The Biggest Problem of All: The End of the World is Coming?” by   piero scaruffi     (2895) Hits
Oct 16 “Using Neurotechnologies to Develop Virtues - A Buddhist Approach to Cognitive Enhancement (Part 1)” by   J. Hughes     (2758) Hits
Oct 6 “Teleportation: Forget Planes, Trains and Automobiles; Just Beam Me There” by   Dick Pelletier     (2728) Hits
Oct 11 “THE FUTURIST Magazine Releases Its Top 10 Forecasts for 2013 and Beyond” by   Patrick Tucker     (1982) Hits
Oct 9 “Morality in a Pill?” by   J. Hughes     (1916) Hits
Oct 9 “Nine Historical Figures Who May Have Predicted Our Future” by   George Dvorsky     (1908) Hits
Oct 18 “Should California Secede from the United States?” by   Hank Pellissier     (1899) Hits
Oct 25 “82 Years of Technology Advances; but best yet to come” by   Dick Pelletier     (1872) Hits
Oct 8 “The Meme of Altruism and Degrees of Personhood” by   Amanda Stoel     (1780) Hits
Oct 17 “Witch Killing and the Rule of Law in Africa.” by   Leo Igwe     (1779) Hits
Oct 15 “Is there an Ecological Architectural Design Method?” by   Rachel Armstrong     (1644) Hits
Oct 2 “Should We Eliminate the Human Ability to Feel Pain?” by   George Dvorsky     (1603) Hits
Oct 13 “The Future of Money: Totalitarian, Libertarian, Community” by   RĂ¼diger Koch     (1561) Hits
Oct 5 “BioLime: The Mock Rock” by   Rachel Armstrong     (1539) Hits

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