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evo — an essay on Evolution 76 minutes
evo   Dec 8, 2012   Evo  

“E V O is a visually daring documentary look at evolutionary theory that comes off like a university course in paleobiology as taught by Marshall McLuhan.” Monday Magazine

E V O is a feature digital essay on questions of Evolution and Consciousness and features eminent Evolutionist/Oxford Professor/Author Dr. Richard Dawkins.

The brainchild of Oliver Hockenhull (Aldous Huxley: The Gravity of Light), the eerie and often beautiful EVO builds from footage of renowned scholars discussing Darwin’s theories and the famed Burgess Shale… If this seems a tad dry, its treatment verges on the wild: much of the material gets an impressionistic visual treatment as it segues into provocative speculations involving politics, genetics and wormholes.”

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