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IEET Audience Passionate Science Fiction Fans
Feb 10, 2013  

Four hundred people responded to the IEET poll on whether they were science fiction fans. More than half - 54%- said they were “canon-masters,” knowledgeable about science fiction from “H.G. Wells to Charlie Stross, Star Trek to Battlestar Galactica.”

Another quarter of the audience said they were fans of either visual SF, on television and movies, or written SF, but not both. Only one in five were meh on SF.

IEET Poll on SF fandom

Our next survey question “Have you quantified yourself?” is inspired by the recent Pew study of self-quantification “Tracking for Health” which was disappointing to the mobile health and quantified self movement folks since it showed that while many Americans track their weight or other health measurements in their head, or on paper, that few were using apps or mobile health tracking devices like the Bodymedia Fit or Fitbit. We suspect that self-quantification may be somewhat more popular among IEETers.

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