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Beware of Augmented Reality

A short film depicting a gameified future with augmented reality by Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo. This is their graduation project from the Bezaleal Academy of Arts.

Sight from Sight Systems on Vimeo.


Loved it! 100+ bonus points.
Great, although my take on it is that this is first generation virtual reality because it is just reality augmented with virtual reality (although the ending hinted at second generation). Special effects were marvelous.

While virtual reality (Google glasses plus) is neat and fun, it will be a necessity to entertain humans on the long ride to other planets, solar systems, and galaxys.

BTW, does anyone else wonder if their being alive at this monumental moment in history is more than coincidence (the leading edge of the emergence of the Singularity)? We will be the founders of a new reality, and as such would likely to be mined for re-playable memories.

Thus the central question in the "reality" pointed at by this video: who are we, and what is reality?
Aren't we already in The Matrix...?

Augmented reality tech will, in my mind, attempt - and possibly succeed - in reproducing what we ALREADY experience. We might not SEE or recognize it for what it is, yet I sense we are already (forever) in The Matrix.

Augmented reality will let us see it more clearly, more obviously. When it comes to manifest, will it mean that FULL reality wasn't already manifested-manifesting?
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