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Optimize Brain Health by Balancing Social Life with Downtime
David Agus   May 23, 2016   Big Think  

Life is a marathon, says Dr. David Agus. Maintaining longterm brain health is all about having positive social relationships, and scheduling time for the brain to relax.

Life is not a marathon. There is no race. There is a you though. And this you is the self however one conceptualizes this. Marathon's indicate ridiculous goals and an attitude of all against one. Not exactly conducive to social cohesion as an individual among the many. This is the Other[s]. Various social configurations with which we deal with at various social levels. No formula as individuals no matter what -given the social propaganda in all its forms - act individually. But not as a race against all and any. Such a social marathon would create the image of the 'Fuehrer Principle' the Nazis invoked. The heroic stand against all odds. Without qualifying even why this occurs.
The second moniker of having 'positive social relationships' is too vapid to even bother with. I mean who seeks thus negative social relationships. Worse than sociology 101. However there are true individuals who for the sake of their innate freedom reduce as much as possible social interactions when they trespass on that expression of individuality. For the mass-mind is always the lowest common denominator and who wants that for a goal?
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