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Homo deus? The convergence of man and machine

People have always tried to develop techniques that expand their skills. What is new is that man and machine are fusing together: prostheses and orthoses strengthen physical strength, computers support intellectual performance, and artificial intelligence has the potential to expand human consciousness. Much of it sounds utopian, some is already reality. It is high time to deal with the consequences: Will these techniques change our humanity? What needs to be done to minimize risks? And what opportunities open up?

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Roland Benedikter is Research Professor of Multidisciplinary Political Analysis 2017-19 at the Willy Brandt Center of the University of Wroclaw/Breslau, Co-Director of the Center of Advanced Studies of Eurac Research Bozen-Bolzano, the No. 1 research flagship of the Autonomous Province of South Tyrol in Central Europe, Italy, Trustee of the Toynbee Prize Foundation Boston, and Full member of the Club of Rome

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