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Cynicism Is a Toxic Mental State that Inhibits Creativity
Cory Booker   Mar 14, 2016   Big Think  

New Jersey Senator Cory Bookers tells the story of how he rose from the depths of despair to bring change to his local community through local action. We are all snowflakes, he says, not because we are all unique but because we are fragile as individuals and, like the blizzard, extremely powerful in groups. To accomplish your biggest goals in life, it’s important to surrender the idea that they must be completed within your lifetime.

congratulations! you have confirmed the headline and my cynicism. never mind why it is because on the left is your book. for the last century amerikan advertising has tried to define everything and solve everything. luckily people were cynical and carried on regardless. so here we are today. for the west it's the best. history has never been so good despite the contrived connivance of taking hostage the public domain in countries outside of amerika. meanwhile in amerika it seems that that country is lagging behind in health care. the bunfight itself is an example of how not to do it. amerika spends more for a wealthy few. social security is basically a condemnation to be cast upon the scrap heap. not an ideal solution. yet amerika leads in innovations, still does science amazingly well and profoundly so. trouble is amerikan exceptionalism. it blinds the vision to how other successful countries-societies deal with similar problems and solutions. for me [though I don't live there] the Scandinavians seem to have got it pretty well together. sometimes learning actually furthers one's own paradigms to create a better future.
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