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Caffeine? That’s So Analog. Introducing Electric Neural Stimulation.
Nichol Bradford   Sep 14, 2016   Big Think  

Computer-brain interface technology is progressing faster than medical research can reliably understand how it affects human health over the longterm. Still, the technology is really cool.

Natural drugs re coffee are and always will be superior to contrived artifice in technology. The molecular set up with said drug and the brain's receptors are a perfect fit to act as intended [of the drug in question] Why anyone would want to dump this for a techno fix of no proven worth is unscientific. As for analog anyone who has a decent valve amplifier and real crafted speakers knows the difference between analog and crappy digital replicating devices that simply fail the test of quality.
It might be an effective alternative, or solution due to a lack of an alternative, for some individuals like myself. Caffeine has no significant effect on my system. I can drink a double espresso and nothing. I can fall right to sleep. It also does not raise my blood pressure or heart rate. I finally had some foundation for this claim when I recently had genetic testing done. From the testing, I was shown that I had all the known markers identifying rapid caffeine metabolism.
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