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Doug Rushkoff, Jamais Cascio and more on The Future of Facebook

Leading social and tech experts present their visions for Facebook’s future impact on society. Some believe Facebook will become pervasive plumbing for the social web, others argue it could simply fizzle. Contributors include Kevin Kelly (What Technology Wants, founder Wired), David Kirkpatrick (author The Facebook Effect), Howard Rheingold (author Smart Mobs), Nova Spivack (web innovator, co-founder Bottlenose), futurist Jamais Cascio, Doug Rushkoff (author Program or Be Programmed), Doc Searls (Berkman Center, author The Cluetrain Manifesto), social network research pioneer Valdis Krebs, cyborg anthropologist Amber Case, web anthropologist Stowe Boyd, innovation strategist Chris Arkenberg, Suzanne Fischer (curator Henry Ford Museum). Narrated by Alvis Brigis. Produced by the open foresight team.

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