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Blockchain Tech Can Redistribute Power and Erase Borders

Imagine a world where governments compete for your citizenships. Bitcoin and Blockchain expert Toni Lane Casserly explains how this technology could anoint people over institutions.

Competition between governments -- to attract business investment -- has given us a world of low wages for workers and low taxes for business. That's why our schools, medical system, and infrastructure are so bad; that's why 20% of children in the US live in poverty.

If governments compete for citizens, you can be sure they will compete for rich citizens and try to exile poor ones. That leads directly to more dooH niboR policies.

A move to "anoint people over institutions" goes in the wrong direction, because in practice it will anoint rich and/or unscrupulous people over the institutions that are supposed to protect the rest from them. That's exactly what has happened in the US in the past few decades, which is why life has got harder for the non-rich. This is plutocratic rule.

To defeat plutocratic rule, we need to reestablish _democracy_, which means that the non-rich use institutions to keep the rich from ruling. Let's re-anoint our institutions over businesses and rich people. Let's tax then properly.
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