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Aaron Wright on Blockchains and the Law

In this episode IEET Affiliate Scholar John Danaher interviews programmer and lawyer Aaron Wright. Aaron is an expert in corporate and intellectual property law, with extensive experience in Internet and new technology issues. He is a professor at Cardozo Law School and the Director of the School’s Tech Startup Clinic. Danaher speaks to Aaron about the issues arising from his forthcoming book about blockchain technology and the law (co-authored with Primavera De Filippi) that will be published by Harvard University Press.


Mr Wright may be an expert in various areas of law, but it is
gratuitous confusion to group several disparate laws together and speak about them as "intellectual property law". Those laws are totally different in their requirements and their effects.

"Intellectual property" tries to generalize about laws that are more different than similar, so it spreads gratuitous confusion. See

Please join me in avoiding that term.
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