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IEET Affiliate Scholar John Danaher on TED
Mar 26, 2017   Future of Sex  

Danaher, an academic based at the National University of Ireland, Galway, laid out his argument regarding the uncertain future regarding sex robots and their consequences at TEDxWHU last month in a 17-minute talk called “Symbols and Consequences in the Sex Robot Debate.”

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Am not opposed to it. All the same, caveat emptor: in this context, ‘adult’ is not actually adult.
Here is a simple illustration:

At a family gathering, a teenager shows a nude photo to the assembled. Not a porn photo, but—rather—merely a nude. Unlikely the gathering is going to approve; the action of the teen would almost certainly be considered immature.
Therefore one can safely say that sexuality is not something the majority are proud of—it something to be buried and sublimated.
Explicit sexuality of any sort is considered immature and exhibitionist.

You take it from there.

not to be excessively negative, for certain cultures, e.g. Japan, there is unquestionably a future for these sort of ‘bots and ‘droids. However as you know, such is anomaly. Probably—almost certainly—the primary/main focus in a country like Japan would be obtaining child-replica ‘bots.
Japan will go for child-bots: we as Westerners have no right to judge Japan and at any rate cannot truly comprehend peoples different from us. It might be best to ignore S-bots and droids in the West.
In effect leaving it to Japan and a few other peoples to gravitate to S-bots via their own historical interests, without interference from the West.

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