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Extreme Futurist Festival 2012 promo
Rachel Haywire   Aug 1, 2012   vimeo  

Extreme Futurist Festival is a 2 day arts and technology festival focusing on radical voices of the new evolution. Last year we had a great event and were called “a TED conference for the counterculture” by the LA Weekly. This year we seek to make XFF an even more epic experience.

Extreme Futurist Fest 2012 from H+ Worldwide on Vimeo.

Sounds great, wished I could be there.
You're very bouncy! I'd love to come contribute my freakiness to this in just about every capacity - art, music, speaking, etc. - but what date do I save for this?
Thanks so much for the coverage! Here is a link to our crowdfunding campaign:
This sounds like a great time and I was already flying out to Cali to meet up with friends, so I am definitely going to check this out while I'm there.
Since I'm in a public library I had to turn the sound off. This helped me to notice that the tattooed chick appears to be a computer animation. Perhaps that is what she's trying to be. Or what she would prefer to be, instead of what she actually is.
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