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Découvrez l’association Technoprog en vidéo

Dans cette seconde vidéo sur notre événement Transvision2017, Terence Ericson interview les membres de l’association.

Initialement publie sur le site de l'Association Francaise Transhumaniste - Technoprog

La vidéo précédente ici :

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Member of the AFT-Technoprog association, I am primarily a neuroscience student. I am passionate about this field, as well as the exciting and important questions it offers: Where does consciousness come from? How can we improve our happiness or our intelligence? How to re-create a consciousness artificially? I define myself as optimist and sometimes utopian about the potentialities of human increases. It is in this sense that I joined the association AFT-Technoprog to promote a fair, stable, social and above all a sustainable transhumanism. To contact me:

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