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Robots Must Pay For Their Crimes!
FW: Thinking   Nov 18, 2016   FW: Thinking  

Traditionally when a robot injures someone or damages property we hold the robot’s creator or owner accountable. But that notion is changing. On May 31, 2016 the European Parliament received a report from the Commission on Legal Affairs saying that, depending on circumstances, the ROBOT might be held responsible for its own actions!

To commit most crimes, one must have <i>mens rea</i>. No currently existing robots are sapient enough to form <i>mens rea</i>, so how can one commit a crime? The creator of the robot can (building one to kill a target, for example), but that's an act by a sapient person, with attendant <i>mens rea</i>.

Until the sophistication of robots reaches the point where a robot has volition (in which case, current laws would be proper to apply), this is putting the cart before the horse.
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