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Let’s design social media that drives real change
Wael Ghonim   Jan 17, 2016   TED Talks  

Wael Ghonim helped touch off the Arab Spring in his home of Egypt ... by setting up a simple Facebook page. As he reveals, once the revolution spilled onto the streets, it turned from hopeful to messy, then ugly and heartbreaking. And social media followed suit. What was once a place for crowdsourcing, engaging and sharing became a polarized battleground. Ghonim asks: What can we do about online behavior now? How can we use the Internet and social media to create civility and reasoned argument?

people through usage define social media. and is it depressing. how low can a common denominator go? I've left FB & Twitter twice because of the replicating regurgitation of the obvious. LinkedIn was full of gun totting republicans advocating homicide as self defense. There are sites around - like here - that are specific in their content which may be the way to go. I cringed even at the thought of any major event that is repeated ad nauseum as if 100 tweets were necessary for one statement-image. FB is even worse. Endless scarves and dogs and breakfast, undigested. As for change: as a friend of mine said: most people want everything to be like yesterday.
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