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Don’t Trust the Promise of Artificial Intelligence

As technology rapidly progresses, some proponents of artificial intelligence believe that it will help solve complex social challenges and offer immortality via virtual humans. But AI’s critics are sounding the alarm, going so far as to call its development an “existential threat” to mankind. Is this the stuff of science fiction? Could the “Terminator” become reality, or will these fears prevent the next technological revolution? IEET Executive Director James Hughes and Martine Rothblatt, a charter member of IEET’s Board of Trustees, discuss in this debate.

Who are these collective of misguided and disingenuous philosophers causing chaos? A scientist and engineer is effectively and constructively clueless as to "questions to be answered" and machines to be built, unless prompted by the inquisitions of philosophy and necessity of understanding?

Can we trust the "promise" of A.I - a rather confusing caveat on the customary arguments? which really translates to the "promise" of Humanity and responsibility for evolution towards good or ill, survival and not destruction? James Hughes expertly conveys that the "promise" and the responsibilities lie with "us" and our political choices - argument over, done and dusted - what else is there to argue about?

btw.. Andrew.. every Human and empty, inexperienced mind that is born is only as knowledgeable as the entire history of humanity permits, of course we all stand on the shoulders of giants and the cumulative intelligence/knowledge of other human tutors past and present, and A.I would be dangerous if it did not follow in the same manner - there is no negative to A.I algorithms reliance upon Humans for knowledge of skills, (including social and diplomatic)?

A little bit "shouty" is most likely helpful to win over an audience hard of hearing and believing?

All in all, fantasizing about the fantasies of A.I and it's dangers is still more fantasy - don't let fear stop you aspiring.
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