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The Future of Empowerment Today

This documentary looks at the future of empowerment – specifically at the ways new technologies can be used to empower people to transform their lives, the economy and the world around them.

Sour grapes? Sometimes; some people. Still, there's a deeper cause for public dissatisfaction with future-scenarios. (Will get to the specific topic here after this broad preamble.) The dislocation of change can as you know entirely negate any positive outcome. Individuals can stumble through to the future; IMO families cannot do so-- without serious damage/destruction. No shortage of dysfunctional families.
The #1 reason I switched to conservatism was because leftists make a mirror-image-in-reverse mistake: empowering people. Not only do people want more 'n more regardless of consequences; men want power more than even wealth.
'Equal power' is an oxymoron.
Putin could survive in Russia without wealth-- yet without power he would be finished. Trump, with all his billions, reportedly now up to about 16 billion, wanted the power of the presidency, because quite obviously he felt his wealth left something to be desired.
The goal ought to be disempowering everyone, from Trump on down to the people living on the streets. They all with very few exceptions want power.
Today we can clearly see the overarching economic difficulty: people simply want more 'n more, no matter what the consequences. Doesn't matter whether the more 'n more is gained from the public or private sector; the overriding goal is to gain as much as possible. And economics has changed so that when one person or family is aided, another automatically loses. Such was not the case until circa the '90s.

Do not want to discourage youth from getting involved. The elderly are very frequently set in their ways- and live off the young economically.
Youth is who you'd have to educate concerning 21st century economics.
Unfortunately for the progressive in techno-progressive economics, progressivism fails for the same reason libertarianism fails: most everyone wants limited government for others; unlimited government for the people they care about. Given such, it was predictable-- if not inevitable-- that we'd be in today's situation.
In the decades to come, techno-progressive economists are going to have to think very hard about what to do.
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