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The Modern Epic of Gilgamesh - Science on the Frontiers of Longevity Research
Kent Kemmish   Nov 29, 2013   Adam Ford  

Published on Nov 22, 2013, Kent Kemmish CTO at Aeon Biowares talks about The Modern Epic of Gilgamesh - Science on the Frontiers of Longevity Research.

Saving the world, turning biology into an information science, recruiting the best team of scientists and engineers the world has ever seen.

Visiting Scholar, The Biodesign Institute - May 2006—December 2008 (2 years 8 months)

Worked on the LysoSENS project under Prof. Bruce Rittmann.…
We kicked some catabolically recalcitrant ass, found the first enzymes shown to break down A2E, this nasty molecule that builds up naturally as you age and makes you go blind.
We were the reason that that this paper was published:…
We hatched and in some cases executed brilliant schemes for killing off bad guys like glucosepane, 7KC, and CML.

Previous Companies Halcyon Molecular, The Biodesign Institute, Arizona Cancer Center

Education : University of Arizona

Science, Technology & the Future - Future By Design

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