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Happiness By Design

As a former Apple and Google executive, and Silicon Valley local, Ellen Petry Leanse has witnessed firsthand all the ways in which technology simplifies and streamlines our lives. However, in this talk, she argues that the rising efficiency of our lives has turned our interactions into transactions. To restore happiness to connection, she dives into design thinking and how we can redesign our lives around gratitude.

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Harnessing lessons from Apple, Google, entrepreneurship, and research in neuroscience and anthropology, Ellen Leanse brings unique perspective to her work with rising companies and leaders. A digital pioneer – Ellen brought Apple online in 1985 – and road-tested entrepreneur, Ellen has guided more than 40 technology companies spanning early stage to global leaders including Microsoft, Facebook, Samsung, Intuit, Oracle, and Women 2.0. Her work since then has focused on bringing companies and customers closer together through digital and offline innovation, mapping unique frameworks that create value and mutual benefit.



My mind was opened in India when reading a book by a local philosopher who declaimed that one of the greatest traps in being humanly unique is to obsess with happiness. In short it makes us stupid. We stop to think, to ponder, to analyze, to fathom the nature of the universe or even our own mindfullness. To this forgotten thinker the act of philosophizing was paramount to push our intelligence further than what it is at any given moment.
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