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How humans could evolve to survive in space
Lisa Nip   Apr 20, 2016   TED Talks  

If we hope to one day leave Earth and explore the universe, our bodies are going to have to get a lot better at surviving the harsh conditions of space. Using synthetic biology, Lisa Nip hopes to harness special powers from microbes on Earth — such as the ability to withstand radiation — to make humans more fit for exploring space.

Lisa, interesting talk, thanks. Why transform the body with biology, why not transform the body with "robotic/AI technology"? In the future we humans essentially need to have our mind in the kind of technologically transformed body that can explore the universe. Skin may not be able to sustain the brutal conditions of space, but the right engineered materials could. My perspective is that "cybernetically enhanced humans" is the future of humanity, and not biologically enhanced humans, that is, at some point in time, we will be able to engineer the body with so-called "robotic technology" (new materials, artificial parts, etc.) more effectively than with synthetic biology. What do you think?
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