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We Can Still Save the Planet –– Paris, 2015
Bill Nye   Jan 1, 2016   Big Think  

So my grandfather went into World War I on a horse, on a horse. I don’t know if you’ve ever ridden a horse but if people are shooting at you it’s just not the best place to be. You’re high off the ground; they shoot the horse and you’re now immobile and you may end up underneath the horse and it’s all very bad in that regard. Twenty years later, when both of my parents got involved in World War II, nobody who was fighting a war did it on a horse. Everything changed in transportation in just 20 years so let’s do it again. Let’s make all electric cars. Let’s make all the electricity from wind and solar.

The US Army's decision, in World War II, to replace all horses with motor vehicles was an audacious leap forward. I don't think any other country could afford to match it. This does not mean that soldiers of other armies fought on horseback. They used horses for transport.
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