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Bill Nye: Want to Combat Climate Change? Talk about It
Bill Nye   Jun 11, 2016   Big Think  

Taking individual steps to affect the course of climate change is valuable, but collective action is more essential. To get there, we must talk about climate change, says Bill Nye the Science Guy.

We 'here' have just had a battering on the east coast eroding beaches by 50 metres within 48 hrs. Houses and flats threatened with immanent collapse but averted as the weather calmed down. Councils and insurance agencies factor in climate change into their respective policies. But the majority, the public either don't want to know [when it doesn't effect them of course] or don't care [that at least is honest] or freak out regarding their rapacious standard of living that feeds into the carbon footprint directly. In many cases people do adjust for the future. Continuing to use public transport, living in flats not houses [population spread leading to loss of natural areas, erosion, more floods] and of course negative population growth. But the deniers deny the weather changes as being merely on-offs. Others demand government do something. Well it begins with you and me. But as a nice gentleman from Florida wrote me: he would never turn off the air conditioner and use a fan instead during his summer. That alas seems the default position. Sea levels will rise. We shall all be affected.
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