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Hank Pellissier Interview with Terry Hyland
Mar 16, 2017   Brighter Brains  

Learning to forgive has also been championed, for thousands of years, by numerous religions and philosophies. To learn more about Buddhism’s perspective on forgiveness, IEEt Affiliated Scholar Hank Pellissier interviewed Terry Hyland - he’s Emeritus Professor of Education at the University of Bolton, UK, Lecturer in Philosophy at the Free University of Ireland, and a lifelong learner in mindfulness theory and practice. He’s written over 150 articles, plus 19 book chapters and 6 books. Read the full interview here.


This piece is better than all the p———-l articles put together, and then some. If one cannot forget, one can forgive; and though true forgiveness is difficult, it slowly becomes easier with practice.
Even Christ did not preach forgiveness until he was middle aged by today’s standards of middle-aged. It took Him roughly three decades to articulate forgiveness.

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