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In 100 Years, Will People Still Believe in God?
Michael Shermer   Dec 23, 2015   Big Think  

One day, people will look back on humanity’s religious past and laugh, says skeptic and science writer Michael Shermer.

The restored patriarchal society of the 22nd Century will maintain god beliefs because they help to keep women in line. Men can take or leave god, however.

Even a secular pickup artist recognizes this. Roosh Valizadeh has written recently, "My experience shows that a woman who doesn’t believe in god has a value system taught to her by corporations and progressive degenerates. She will certainly be addicted to internet attention, alcohol, casual sex, material possessions, or food. She has relativistic morality, and what she thinks of as morality is actually built upon her feelings. When faced with any type of stress, she will almost always follow the herd or make the wrong decision. A woman who believes in god, while still prone to making mistakes, makes less of them and at least has a mental system encouraging her to perform good."
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