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IEET Fellow Prof. Dr. Stefan Lorenz Sorgner Becomes Visiting Professor
Jun 1, 2017   Philosophie Magazine  

IEET Fellow Prof. Dr. Stefan Lorenz Sorgner has just been a Visiting Professor at the University of Lower Silesia in Poland where he gave several talks and directed workshop:
While in Poland, he also gave a talk in Cracow to the Polish Transhumanist Society at the Jagiellonian University.

Furthermore, there will be a detailed interview in a special Nietzsche edition of the German version of the “Philosophie Magazine” which has a print run of more than 100000 copies forthcoming in mid-June 2017.
Therein, he will present selected pillars of his Nietzschean transhumanism. A detailed exchange concerning his reflections were recently published in the following collection

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