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Inaugural Issues of the Journal of Posthuman Studies Now Available!
Jun 28, 2017   Journal of Posthuman Studies  

Now, Vol. 1, No. 1, 2017 of the newly established “Journal of Posthuman Studies” (Penn State University Press) is available via jstor: It is a ground-breaking issue with amazing contributors! It is already possible to submit your work for consideration for future issues by accessing this link: The new journal is being edited by IEET Fellow Stefan Lorenz Sorgner and the Executive Director of the IEET James J. Hughes. The Editorial Board includes further members of the IEET as well as many other distinguished thinkers and artists:

The launch of this new journal as well as this new area of studies will officially be celebrated during the 9th Beyond Humanism Conference (Topic: “Posthuman Studies”) which will take place at John Cabot University in Rome from the 19th until the 22nd of July 2017: The tentative conference program is already available: It will be a massive event with more than 100 speakers and participants and many thought leaders from a great variety of traditions and disciplines!!!!

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