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Call for Papers: The Nietzsche and Transhumanism debates continues.
Nov 21, 2017   Nietzsche and Transhumanism  

The collection “Nietzsche and Transhumanism” which was edited by Yunus Tuncel and came out in 2017, contains all the central articles of the heated debate concerning the relationship between these two philosophical approaches:

If you wish to respond to the reflections of this debate, please send an abstract to Francesco Biazzo by mid-December: You will be informed whether your abstract got accepted by the end of December. If this is the case, you will have until the end of April 2018 to send him your paper. The essay collection is scheduled to be published in Spring 2019!


For brevity’s sake (a comment on this topic is best left to professional philosophers) will merely write that Nietzsche would accept, or at least tolerate, transhumanism. With the caveat that he would adopt a libertarian formulation; he would consider a technoprogressive perspective to be for quote fertilizer unquote—the masses—and for the weak.
Naturally such would be the 19th century Nietzsche. 21st century Nietzsche would quite possibly be bio-conservative/contrarian- but, again, that is for pro philosophers to take up.

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