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Reflection on the Global Solutions (GS) Taipei Workshop 2018

IEET Fellow Stefan Lorenz Sorgner explains that smart city needs upgraded humans at the Global Solutions (GS) Taipei Workshop 2018. There, his transhumanist reflections get discussed intensely by world leading politicians, scholars, and policy makers. In the photo below, you find him standing in between Prof. Blair Sheppard from Duke University and Dr. Chen Mei-ling, the current Taiwanese Minister of the Development Council. Next to her is the former General Director of the World Trade Organization, Pascal Lamy, who was a special guest at the event! As a consequence of his visit to Taiwan and attendance at the conference, he realized the following:

Europe has not even reached the digital middle ages. In Hong Kong they have fully automated restaurants. Singapore's tax system is entirely digitized. Taiwanese people enjoy a fast and unlimited mobile internet access everywhere. Even though, from a wider perspective the internet is still in its embryonic phase, its strength is significantly higher in Eastern Asian countries than in continental Europe...

Stefan Lorenz Sorgner is professor of philosophy and bioethics at John Cabot University in Rome, as of January 2016. His main fields of research are Nietzsche, the philosophy of music, bioethics and meta-, post- and transhumanism. He is author of Metaphysics without Truth - On the Importance of Consistency within Nietzsche’s Philosophy and Menschenwürde nach Nietzsche: Die Geschichte eines Begriffs, and he edits the book series “Beyond Humanism: Trans- and Posthumanism/Jenseits des Humanismus: Trans- und Posthumanismus“ for Peter Lang Publishing.

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