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Edgist generation. Towards a transhumanist subculture? The manifesto.
Pedro Villanueva   Jun 29, 2018   Ethical Technology  

I’m a fan of the movie Back to the future of the second part and when we talk about subcultures like Hipster, Neo-Hippies, Rave, Indie, etc. I noticed that something was missing to create a very different new subculture in the current generation, since we are in the year 2017. This manifesto I write is to create a more complete subculture in the youth according to our time. And frankly the movie Back to the future is almost prophetic and fits more in the present times. The name Edgist is similar to edge which refers to a new subculture that plays with the edge between reality, technology and new searches of cultural subjectivity.

The essential philosophy of the Edgist is associated in four principles Love. Peace. Humanity and Space. With the acronym S.L.P.H

It is based on the concept of love in that it performs acts of goodwill towards others.

They are lovers of peace and meditation. They practise the expansion of consciousness through meditation and oriental techniques.

They respect every philosophy of humanity based on a new search for positive values.

They love space and the cosmos as a global philosophical system in which the human being the earth and space, are interpreted as something interrelated and interdependent. In which the earth is the cradle of the human being but, the space is his home. But humanity should not only be limited to gaining control of earthly nature, but, as the earth is part of the cosmos, human must learn to control the solar system and all space.

Human activity should not be limited to the limits of the planet Earth, because the exit to the cosmos or space will come to satisfy the general interest, the common interest; In the face of the cosmic forces all other interests cease: personal, class, national. Only one interest is not forgotten: The general interest of all the people that is to say, of all mortals. From this point of view, the activity of human takes a new dimension that is not only earthly, but cosmic and spatial. The Edgist is lovers of space, of the cosmos, of the interplanetary colonization considered as their second humanity and home.

It includes technology and spatial exploration and interplanetary colonization in its daily life as a look towards self-improvement, terrestrial and includes it in his works of art, fashion, design, lifestyle, promote his ideas and in the embryonic technologies as a vision of the salvation of humanity.

The Edgist like to test the pilot technology as the latest inventions, looks for inventors and supports them, although it has not yet come to market and consumption. They like the Neophiliac in both technology, craftsmanship and the arts.

Edgists like sports or rare designs, including flying skaters, or graphene bikes with original designs, or surfboards that are not typical in their creation and design.

The Edgist retakes the culture when humanity began as the Egyptians, Greeks, Persians, etc. As in handicrafts, in fashion, philosophy and incorporates it to your taste made by themselves as Do it yourself (D.I.Y) but also work in new fashions and technologies in an original, personal and creative way is the practice of making or repairing things for oneself, so you save money, entertain and learn at the same time.

The Edgist associate fashion, design, tastes and philosophy inspired by the beginnings of humanity, but also the most contemporary in fashion, technology, space and science fiction. The Edgist values the old when humanity began, but also values the latest ideas, fads and technologies even when it has not come to market, so it is a collector of products and ideas pilots and very new, which helps to push entrepreneurs and new talents.

In the coffee and in the meeting areas, the Edgist combines the tastes, visions and lifestyle of the past since the beginning of humanity, the inner philosophy as the vision or principles of S.L.P.H with the current technology and everything related to the philosophy of the Cosmos and spatial exploration. They do so and create in music, in art, in sport, gastronomy and in personal fulfillment and in films or movies.

Edgist is the new youth who are creative and active unlike the Millennials generation, who are passive and virtual consumers. The Edgist believes in the hope of living in another way with another way of being connected to be active with humanity and the cosmos.


©By Pedro Villanueva G. I.P. N° A-280672.

Pedro Villanueva born in Havana, 1974. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts San Alejandro. He writes a thought known as Pluslectic, which is in line with today's world and the vision towards the future.

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