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Be Mindful: Your Pot of Gold Could be Your Grave
Jon Kabat-Zinn   Jan 22, 2016   Big Think  

Your brain creates all the narratives in your life, from fear to loneliness to anxiety, etc. But it’s possible to train your brain through mindfulness to transcend its innate urge to storify everything. Jon Kabat-Zinn, a respected medical researcher and professor emeritus at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, explains what years and years of study have taught us about the taming of the brain.

This clip is concise, yet there's another side to this.
Mindfulness is also not expecting too much. Perhaps driving through life with the emergency brake on towards the pot of gold-- which may be death-- is the best some can do with their lives. Remember, not everyone is an intellectual.
You can't expect people who do manual labor to be as mindful, or mindful in the same way, as intellectuals.
The above doesn't negate what Jon says here, it complements it.
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