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Adam A. Ford Wins 1st Prize in the Longevity Film Competition
Oct 4, 2018   Longevity Film Competition  


“Aging is a technical problem with a technical solution - finding the solution requires clear thinking and focused effort. Once solving aging becomes demonstrably feasible, it is likely attitudes will shift regarding its desirability.  There is huge potential, for individuals and for society, in reducing suffering through the use of rejuvenation therapy to achieve new heights of physical well-being.  I also discuss the looming economic implications of large percentages of illness among aging populations - and put forward that focusing on solving fundamental problems of aging will reduce the incidents of debilitating diseases of aging - which will in turn reduce the economic burden of illness.  This mini-documentary discusses the implications of actually solving aging, as well as some misconceptions about aging.

The 21st century is a time of unprecedented change - we are discovering new and ingenious ways to solve problems that were once thought impossible - we dream of a brighter future - one in which the debilitating diseases of aging are relegated to the dustbin of history.”
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Hi all, the latest version of the mini-documentary ‘The End of Aging’ can be found here:

Here is a more up to date version of ‘The End of Aging’:

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