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Is the Singularity Near?
Nick Bostrom   Sep 23, 2009   All in the Mind  

Imagine a future where computers exceed our own intelligence; where problem solving is no longer limited by human thinking—what then? It’s a moment in technological time some call ‘The Singularity’. But how much is technological reality, and how much fantasy? Science writer Mike McRae catches up with AI researchers and sci-fi writers to ponder the possibilities and probabilities for the radio program All in the Mind. (MP3)


Professor Nick Bostrom
Director of the Future of Humanity Institute
Oxford University

Associate Professor Marcus Hutter
Research School of Information Sciences and Engineering
Australian National University

Professor Noel Sharkey
Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
University of Sheffield

Nigel Dobson-Keeffe
Cognitive Scientist
Australian Defence Science and Technology Organisation
Australian Government Department of Defence

Richard K. Morgan
Science fiction author

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