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Aubrey’s anti-aging work profiled in Wired
Jun 29, 2008  

In a remarkably upbeat article, Wired magazine profiles IEET Fellow Aubrey de Grey and his pro-healthy longevity organization, the Methuselah Foundation.

Less than a decade ago, de Grey was a relatively unknown computer scientist doing his own research into aging. . .

  Now, though, some scientists are beginning to view his approach—looking at aging as a disease and bringing in more disciplines into gerontology—as worthwhile, even if they still look askance at his claims of permanent reversible aging within a lifespan.

  The Methuselah Foundation now has an annual research funding budget of several million dollars, de Grey says, and it’s beginning to show lab results that he thinks will turn scientists’ heads.

Those results were discussed at the Methuselah Foundation’s first U.S. conference, Aging: The Disease - The Cure - The Implications, this weekend at UCLA.

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