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Warcraft Civilization

From On Point: In the age of the Internet, new worlds have flowered online — and giant communities engaged in virtual environments and role-playing games. The biggest of the massive multi-player online role-playing games is “World of Warcraft.” More than eleven million enthusiasts pay a monthly fee to immerse themselves in a vast digital world of elves and orcs and trolls and warfare. One of them is sociologist William Sims Bainbridge. Now he’s come out to say he may have found the future of human civilization in an online game.

so can wow really reflects the future world?
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And anytime WoW is mentioned on the internet a gold seller from China will make the first comment.

Get real people, the days of selling gold on wow are over. Anyone can make 5k a day if they work at it.

Just like the real world car advertisers, these annoying suckers waste our bandwidth in WoW
WoW can destroy personalities and ruin lives, as much as any other MMO game.
i am an anthropology student writing an ethnography on wow players. i listened to the ONpoint interview with bainbridge and i think he has some really valid points. yes wow can destroy people but it can bolster people in the same ways. its not for everyone but i think this may have some extremely valid and interesting points.
we have used other sources of popular culture to analyze our world, why is WoW so different.
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