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Feel and Analyze 3D Printed Peptides and Amino Acid Monomers

Published on Jan 21, 2014

Peppytides are scaled, 3D-printed models of polypeptide chains that can be folded into accurate protein structures.

Designed and created by Berkeley Lab Researcher, Promita Chakraborty, and Berkeley Lab Senior Scientist, Dr. Ron Zuckermann, Peppytides are accurate physical models of polypeptide chains that anyone can interact with and fold intro various protein structures - proving to be a great educational tool, resulting in a deeper understanding of these fascinating structures and how they function. Build your own Peppytide model and learn about how nature's machines fold into their intricate architectures!

For more info, check out the following links:

Peppytides website:

MAKE Magazine online tutorial:

Berkeley Science Review article on Peppytides:…

Scientific paper on the Peppytide model:…

This work was performed at the Molecular Foundry (, a national user facility at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory ( in the lab of Dr. Ronald Zuckermann (


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