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Bina & Martine Rothblatt on RadioLab
Bina48   Jun 4, 2011   RadioLab  

From the RadioLab site: Can a machine have a life of its own? Last year, Jon Ronson got an assignment from GQ to interview robots. He soon found himself in Vermont, sitting across from what’s purported to be the world’s most sentient robot: Bina48. Bina48 is modeled after an entirely human woman named Bina Rothblatt, whose partner Martine Rothblatt commissioned a robot capable of capturing the real Bina’s essesence and bringing it to life. If Bina48 succeeds, Jon explains that it will mark the third time one of Martine’s ideas has changed the world. David Hanson, Bina48’s creator, argues that robots like Bina48 will be so lifelike within his lifetime that we’ll be unable to distinguish them from real humans. In the meantime, Jon experiences one profound moment with Bina48 that hints at what the future may have in store. 

Also see New York Times reporter Amy Harmon’s interview with Bina48.

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