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Beyond Utopia and Dystopia: A Critical Examination of the Ecology of Science Fiction

Can we predict the future? It is often said, and rightly so, that science fiction is merely commentary on the current human condition. Often times the fact that these stories are set in a future is merely an aesthetic change, yet this ignores the integral role played by technology, social systems, and ecosystems. Other times, we are shown a utopian or dystopian version of modern political philosophies like liberalism, marxism, and fascism through a rigid lens of ideology. While it is essential to highlight possible futures so that we may plan accordingly, to do this with any degree of accuracy it must take into account certain facts about the nature of systems. So, yes, we have the capacity to make relevant predictions about the future, but the point is to change it. This talk will explain how to optimally structure our living spaces, psychologies, bodies, and social systems given a sober recognition of reality.

Edward Miller is the Chief Information Officer of the Network for Open Scientific Innovation. He is a passionate advocate of Open Source development models. His blog, EmbraceUnity, deals with democracy, humanism, and sustainable development. 

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